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How to Save Money the Easy Way in Just Two Simple Steps

20% Down, Lifestyle Up There is a lot of focus on how we Americans can save money, especially in this economy. Clip coupons for the grocery store, pay off a credit card balance every month to avoid finance charges, brown bag your lunch, make your own coffee at home instead of buying a brew at Starbucks, only use an ATM card “in network” to eliminate extra bank fees, buy the cheapest

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Financial Questions and Answers | BrightScope

In reality, there is nothing that you need to do short of updating the address of the owner of record with the 529 plan administrator. In the divorce financial

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How to Take a Vacation on a Budget - BrightScope

Travel off season: Obviously, taking a trip to Disney World at Easter will be more expensive than going in September when the kids are back in school. Find out what are the peak and off seasons for the destination you are trying to vacation at and travel as close to the off season as possible to get your best deals. 2.

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