Who Should Be Involved In The Hiring Process? - WiseStep

The Research and Development Department of a company are an area full of knowledgeable and skilled professionals. If there is a professional in such department of your company, that holds sound knowledge about the job opening and also possess good experience then do not miss on including such individuals in your hiring team.

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Piece Rate Pay: Definition, Advantages and - WiseStep

Why would they try to finish the task off faster when they can get more money for doing nothing at all? Tactics like this are often employed by the workers, where they take the employers for a ride. In this piece-rate plan system, very often the workers take it upon themselves to do the task as fast as they can and they have their own sense of

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Top 26 Productive Things To Do On The Computer - WiseStep

Avid online shopaholics can make their time on computers productive as there are a number of coupons and discounts that are available and gain you from online shopping. The price offs and discounts are available for regular shoppers too. 20. New apps: There are plenty of apps these days which can be found on google play store.

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How do Bonuses Affect Employees Work Performance - WiseStep

Non cash bonuses include some gift coupons which you can give. You must ensure that if you are handing gift coupons, then they are coupons to things which the workers are interested in. Employees are never going to care to work hard to get the bonus if they find that the reward is cheap and boring. Impact of Reward on Employee Performance: 1.

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Best Udemy Courses Online - Learn Anything Just for $10

Udemy, one of the best places to learn almost anything for all those who desire to learn new things. So here is a list of Udemy Online Courses for Just 10$.

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How to Celebrate Corporate Anniversary: 25 Best Tips

Post the anniversary, you can also arrange a contest to re-design the logo, the best entry will win some exciting prizes like paid leaves, movie tickets or shopping coupons. 17. Have tree plantation day: With the rise in global warming, taking care of the environment and nature is not a choice but an obligation.

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70 Fun and Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Your Staff

19. Off-site: Employers can plan for an off-site. It gives a time out and can enjoy the fun time with co-workers. They can have entertainment programs, it provides an opportunity to show their personal talents and create a friendly atmosphere. There is no boss to urge to work for him that day.

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How to Dress for Work on a Budget: Men & Women - WiseStep

Sell off What is Old: Many people still do not realise the significance of selling off what is old. They tend to hold on to things that are old simply due to emotional attachment. On the contrary, if you sell these things off at the right time, you can get some money from it which you may put to good use.

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How to Recruit Gritty Salespeople Who Will Deliver Returns

If you hire someone who shouts and screams a lot, then that will surely scare off the customers and bring a bad name to your dear company. 2. They are excellent at multi-tasking: An important characteristic of a successful salesperson is that he should be great at multi-tasking. Multitasking is the ability to handle several tasks simultaneously.

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