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4 Steps For Building Killer Drip Campaigns

If they’re customers at your clothing store, you might draw them in with a coupon code for 25 percent off their next purchase. That coupon should be the first email those customers receive. The second might be a reminder if they haven’t redeemed it yet, or a thank you note with related products if they have; the third could be a customer

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9 E-Commerce Emails You Can Run This Month To Boost Sales

Develop a special offer for summer only or an upcoming holiday like Labor Day. Don’t be afraid to get cheeky with it — if your brand voice allows — play off the summertime weather or your favorite summertime activity. 4. Special Offer: Be sure to make the offer clear, short and sweet.

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5 Simple Tips For Flawless Customer Retention

Whether it’s coupons, cards or referral bonuses, a strong loyalty system is a must-have for customer retention. Cookies make the heart grow fonder. This is in many ways the crux of customer retention: give them something that makes them want to return. Email coupon codes are ideal for this, particularly when paired with their purchase history.

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4 Rules for Staying in Touch with Your Email List Year-Round

You’re hoping to find out which customers prefer coupons, which prefer blog post roundups, and which want fewer emails altogether. You can set up a poll in an email that automatically tags each recipient with “coupons” “roundups” or “fewer emails” based on which response they click.

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Small Business Tips to Survive the Holiday Season

Why not take a load off of your Small Business this holiday and put together a holiday email? You can save money, time, and have your communication received instantly. You can still attach valuable coupons or discounts to reward your customers with holiday cheer! Start Early!

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Email Campaigns - Simplified! - BenchmarkONE

Cheers! If they haven’t purchased yet, have a sales person call them to check-in, maybe start a more sales-heavy campaign with discounts or coupons for the services they previously expressed interest in. Ask for feedback, give your VIP’s special offers and early access to new products.

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9.5 Gifts to Avoid (at all costs) This Father's Day

1: DIY Coupons – Redeemable Anytime. Giving the gift of time…generous, no? Unfortunately, giving dad handwritten offers to mow his lawn or to take him to lunch comes off as a last-minute gift idea. Might as well just give him an “I-O-U.”

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The Benefits and Pitfalls of Earned, Owned and Paid

There are limitless ways to use drip campaigns, subscriber coupons, contests, blogging, social media images, influencers and free products to cross-promote between these channels. By the end, your marketing efforts can be so robust that you’ll glean the benefits of all three while avoiding their pitfalls.

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Best Practices for Using Tags in Marketing Automation

Behavioral tags can include both online and offline behaviors – purchases made in-store, coupons redeemed, subscriptions to mailing lists, or content consumed on your website. Talk to your whole team to brainstorm category and tagging ideas.

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Are Your Marketing Emails Missing One Of These Five

Offering exclusive deals, coupons or information to subscribers—in short, keeping the content unique and worthwhile —is the surest way to ensure people keep opening your emails. Don’t recycle old offers, or pretend like what you offer to everyone is somehow special or unique.

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