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Whether it’s on your mobile device or personal computer, you gain many benefits from using workplace apps. It creates a more inclusive work culture, increases your productivity, and makes managing work processes easy. Let’s take a look at seven workplace apps that are beneficial to every entrepreneur using them. 1.

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How to Get Your Slice of Holiday Spending This Year

Holiday promotions come in all shapes and sizes. Buy-one-get-one, any percentage off, and a host of colorful coupons are all viable options. Don’t go overboard with the discounts, though. You still want to be making money when all is said and done. Leverage Social Media

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6 Tips for Paying Off Medical Bills - Under30CEO

Your first step to paying off medical bills is to remember that everything is negotiable. If you have a big bill on your hands, it’s often possible to get a part of the bill reduced. When it comes to hospital bills, you’ll see items for X-rays, surgery, medications, anesthesiology, and many other expenses.

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How to “Go Mobile” Like a Boss. Seven Things You Can Do

3. Make your coupons “mobile.” Have you ever been in line at a store and seen a store clerk refuse to honor a coupon on someone’s mobile phone. Claiming “no, you need to print that before I can accept it” just sets the consumer off even more. Don’t be that business. The days of “clipping coupons” has come and gone.

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4 Ways Smaller Companies Can Easily Boost Their Revenue

This could mean swapping headlines in an email to new buyers, or trying different “percent off” coupons with repeat shoppers. Optimizely, an optimization platform, suggests making sure you have a solid hypothesis and clear documentation for a successful A/B test .

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Top 10 Travel Tips Guaranteeing a Fun, Cost-Efficient

Buy cheap things that are for keeps. Use Coupons, it helps cut down the costs of your expenses. 10. Limit Expenses- but still have fun. Choose a certain theme park and save the others for another trip. Limit dining in restaurants. Use the coupons given or offered to you. Travelling do not mean you have to spend a lot.

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8 Tips to Leave Your Day Job and Start Your Business

Trina Lynne is a freelance writer whom writes for blogs with promotional codes and coupons such as Sierra Trading Post Coupon and Rock Creek Coupon. These Sierra Trading Post and Rock Creek coupon codes can help you save on outdoor gear and clothing.

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10 Principles for Creating a Product People Actually Want

From that time until now, I’ve started 3 companies, created and sold 6 different products, generating about $250,000 worth of sales (I don’t think that’s a very impressive number, but it’s something; it actually sounds cooler if you say “a quarter of a million dollars”).

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3 Reasons Facebook Has Changed Business Forever

A contest is a great way to create a buzz. Offering a prize will get people talking and result in fans growing exponentially. Having coupons or awarding discounts will create the same effect as well. So always keep in mind the potential that your fan page can have to make a business go viral. The more buzz you create, the more money you make!

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Young Entrepreneur Advice: 100 Things You Must Know!

One thing I wish I knew right off the bat is the benefit of networking. I spent a lot of time trying to tackle everything on my own, but its really important to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs, complimentary businesses, family and friends for advice and support. – Cailen Ascher Poles. 42.

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Interview: Former Actor Talan Torriero Creator of CyberInterns

Finding internships can be tough enough, but virtual internships? Where would one begin? Talan Torriero is answering the question with the launch of his new business, CyberInterns.com.. The MTV Laguna Beach reality star-turned actor-turned entrepreneur said he could rarely find opportunities which offered both the benefits of interning and the convenience of virtual communication.

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